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The Legend of Tarzan

In The Legend of Tarzan, it has been a while since Tarzan left the jungle and changed it for a much more comfortable life like John Clayton III with his wife Jane. Now he lives as a civilized man, far from the jungle, like all white men.
Without waiting for him, they offer him an ambassadorial post in the Congo, since John is very fond of it, for the truth is that he is very excited to return there, to the jungle from which he left.
Accept the post without knowing that they are actually laying a trap, which has been devised by a greedy Belgian captain blinded by greed and wealth, so that Tarzan arrives as ambassador.
What they do not know is that John is not a man like the others, so when he realizes Captain John’s plan he returns to be Tarzan, which leads him to fight with all his might and with the help of the creatures of Jungle.

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