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The Little Prince

In the film The Little Prince, a pilot is flying over the Sahara desert and his plane crashes. Luckily, the pilot has a lot of experience and manages not to get nervous, so that he can land without damage.
The plane can not take off, so the pilot sets out to start thinking about how to get out of the desert, as it is not a good place to be due to the heat and lack of water.
In the desert, the pilot is surprised when he sees someone who happens to be a child. The boy says that he is a prince of a distant planet and tells the pilot the anecdotes that happen on his planet.
The prince, above all, focuses on telling the pilot the way that the adults of his planet have to see the existence, a way that the prince seems wrong, because they do not focus on the most important, dealing in nonsense and stop Side what really is fundamental to existence.

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