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The Lobster

The movie Lobster (The Lobster) takes us to a dystopian world very different from ours, in which singles have a very serious problem, because it seems that society does not want singles in their womb.
Therefore, if you are single, the authorities stop you and send you to a place intended for singles to find a mate in a month and a half. If you do not find a partner, it seems that the consequences are serious, so everyone who is single is struggling to find his partner, to be within the law.
The film is very interesting, taking singles as a protagonist, makes a reflection on solitude in modern society, as well as makes us wonder about the fear of being alone and above all dying alone.
At the same time, we see how singles are afraid to live with another person, because it is already known that coexistence as a couple is very hard and does not always go well.

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