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The Magnificent Seven

In the film The Magnificent Seven, Rose Creek is a Mexican town that is suffering the end of the civil war of the United States. Behind her, many men have been left without knowing what to do, so they devote themselves to stealing and murdering.
The inhabitants of the village are desperate, because the outlaws are not content to steal their property, but also kill the inhabitants. That is why Sam Chisolm decides that it is time to do something, because he can not take any more control than Bartholomew Bogue and his men exercise in the village.
That is why he is looking for a group that can defend them, a group that is made up of gunmen, hired assassins, gamblers, and, ultimately, people of bad living, who are the only ones who can deal with the outlaws.
This group will prepare a final battle against the men of Bartholomew Bogue, a battle to the death, since only one of the two groups can leave the combat alive.

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