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The Martian

In the movie Mision Rescate (The Martian), Ares 3 is the name of the ship that has carried a manned mission to Mars. A sandstorm forces astronauts to climb back into the ship and evacuate the planet, leaving Mark Watney there.
Mark Watney is one of the astronauts whom his companions consider dead. They believe the storm has killed him, so they rush out of the red planet without him. Thus, Mark will only be seen on a very hostile planet where there is no way to survive.
The supplies will be finished soon, so Mark uses his scientific knowledge to try to live a little longer, hoping that they will realize that he is alive, something that makes a NASA satellite.
The moment they know he’s alive, NASA begins a rescue mission, perhaps the most complicated rescue mission in history, which does not stop those responsible who want Mark to return home safely.

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