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The Meddler

Marnie Minervini is a very optimistic woman, although life has been responsible for giving her one of the strongest blows of her life. She has just become a widow, so she rethinks the way she lives.
He decides that it is best to leave his home and move to New York with Lori. She is his daughter and when she sees her mother with the intention of going to live with her, the world falls on her, because her mother will alter the way she lives.
Marnie has a bulging bank account, so she has no money worries, so she spends time enjoying herself, in order to forget that she is now a widow.
In New York he wants to meet new friends, do new things, meet a lot of people and maybe meet some man with whom to start a relationship, because he does not seem to want to be without a partner for a long time.
To Lori, perhaps her mother’s idea of finding a mate so soon may not be too funny, but there is little she can do to avoid it.

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