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The Midnight Man

In The Midnight Man, Alex is a young woman who has to take care of her grandmother, who has a mental illness due to her age.
To take care of her, she lives with her in his mansion and every now and then brings a friend, like Miles. With it, she goes to find a mirror for the old woman and, walking through the mansion, they end up in the attic, where they find a box.
They open it to see what’s inside and they find a game. Bored, they decide they’re going to play a little and start reading the rules out loud.
They think they are playing, but what they have done has been to awaken a demon with which they will have to fight to the death from now on.
If they want to beat him, they will have to do a little research on the mansion and the old woman, since there you can have the secret, what they need to gain the devil in his own land and stay alive.

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