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The Monster

Kathy goes on a trip in her car with her daughter Lizzy. It is night and they circulate in a solitary zone in which a strong enough storm is untied, although the truth is that the passage is very calm since in the zone does not happen anybody.
Suddenly an animal crosses them. With the storm they do not see it in time and they have a minor accident, but an accident that leaves the car unusable because it does not start.
Kathy tries, because she does not want to be isolated in such a remote area, but the car does not start, so they call by phone to go a crane, which tells them that given the remote area will take a long time arrive.
Both are alone or that is what they believe at the beginning, since they do not take long to realize that in the forest there is “something” that threatens them, something that seems to want to kill them.

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