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The Neon Demon

In The Demon Neon (The Neon Demon), Jesse is a young aspiring model who arrives in the city of Los Angeles in order to try her luck in that world. She wants to become a supermodel, something she dreams about since she was a child.
He knows that being a model is a career in the background, something hard, but he would never have imagined the situation in which he ends up, since Jesse is involved with the same demon.
Jesse is so beautiful that she awakens the demon, that she is fine in it. That is the bane of this poor girl, who suddenly finds herself in a situation that she is unable to understand and handle.
In this situation, Jesse shares space with a series of murderous models, models that envy everything that Jesse has achieved, to such an extent that they are capable of doing anything by their own, including murdering her.
Jesse will have to fight with all his might, because they have proposed to kill her and it seems that they are in a position to do so.

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