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The Night Crew

The protagonists of this film Night of the Night are a group of tough guys, those who do not panic at all. That is why they are dedicated to hunt rewards, a profession that exists in the United States and that can be very lucrative.
Just as it is lucrative is a dangerous profession. That is why the group that we see at the beginning ends up entrenched in a shabby border motel. There they are cornered by a group of border criminals.
We do not know why they are attacked, but the truth is that they want to kill them. They are at a disadvantage, but they will not sell their life so easily, so they will resist strong resistance.
As the hours pass, they realize that the only woman in the group, of Asian origin, is not who they say they are and hide something. It is possible that she is the reason for the attack of the delinquents, although that you will only know when you see the film.

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