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The Revenant

In the movie Revenant: The Reborn, Hugh Glass is a trapper who works in savage America of the nineteenth century. At that time there were still almost virgin areas and of course, there were no emergency services. That’s why if you had an accident you depended on your fellow expedition.
Hugh has an accident and one of his companions does nothing to help him. He thinks that if he leaves him he will die, because he is wounded in a very hostile environment, with cold and wild animals very dangerous, as the bears.
In this way, Hugh is injured and his luck. Normally he would have died, but he has a great desire to take revenge on his partner, something that gives him strength to continue forward.
Only, he will have to face all the dangers that we have already named before, to which must be added the various tribes of Indians that are in the area and are at war with each other.

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