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The snake embrace

Karamakate has lived alone for years in the depths of the jungle. He has not always lived like this, for a long time he was a shaman of the most powerful, but of that a long time ago, since he is now the last survivor of his town.
That has made a dent in the character of Karamakate, who has become a man who has no memories or emotions, because he is made to live in a society that has disappeared.
His life changes suddenly thanks to the arrival of Evan. He is an American botanist who comes to the jungle to find a plant that makes you dream, and to find the plant needs the help of Karamakate, who lends it to give it.
Together they will travel through the jungle, a journey that makes the shaman revive things of his past and gradually recovering his memories, although the truth is that he does not know well if what he remembers is something of the past or is living the present.

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