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The Wave- Bølgen

In the film The Last Wave, Geiranger is the name of a Norwegian fjord that is going to leave the mountain, which causes a huge wave. It is believed that tsunamis are something of the Pacific, but the truth is that they can also occur in Europe.
The wave sweeps everything in its path and is lethal, because by the force of water must be added that it is freezing, which makes it impossible to survive in it more than a few minutes, which aggravates the situation.
One of the possible victims is a geologist of the area, so he knows very well the risks of the fjord and the consequences of the detachment. In addition, he has his family there, so he will do his best to save them.
This geologist is going to try everything, but it is very complicated, since escape from one of these waves with life, more if the water is frozen, is unlikely.

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