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Tremors 5: Bloodline

The action of the last part of the saga Tremors 5: The Legacy, takes us to South Africa. There we will meet again with Burt Gummer who is now accompanied by Travis Welker. Both are going to face the most dangerous monsters they have ever known.
The reason is that over the years the monsters have evolved. Now they are much more dangerous than before, so both partners have a huge challenge ahead.
The beasts are very aggressive, but Gummer have hired him to exterminate them and will not stop until he gets it, even if it costs him his life, which he may lose on this occasion, because the thing is complicated.
As happens in the other films Gummer will do everything possible to eliminate these beings that leave the subsoil, although this time they will have to work harder because they have paid and because the animals are smarter than ever.

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