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In this film Conspiracy and Power (Truth Only), the 2004 elections in the United States seem to have a clear winner, George W. Bush Jr., who has a very belligerent position with regard to the Middle East, a position that It seems that it is the one that needs the country, that is put in the war of Iraq and the one of Afghanistan at the same time.
Mary Mapes is a producer on CBS, which discovers something that may change the course of the election. He does it with his partner and they both have to think about whether they make it public or not.
Apparently, George W. Bush Jr. did not go to the Vietnam War, for which he used all the influences of his family. That is a very serious thing in the United States, so it could cause the future president to fall.
In the end the news becomes public and the whole propaganda machine in the service of the Bush is set in motion, in order not to lose the election and accusing Mary of lying.

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