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Warcraft: The Beginning

The movie Warcraft: The First Encounter of Two Worlds brings us the famous WoW game to the cinema screen, showing us how the kingdom of Azeroth, in which peacefully coexist, for generations, humans, dwarfs and elves, in addition Of some creatures proper to medieval mythology.
The peace of the kingdom of Azeroth is going to be altered by an enormous horde of orcs. Due to something that you will discover when you see the film, all the lands that the orcs tread on destroy, so that they have to look for new lands.
Orcs can not reach the kingdom of Azeroth, but their leader is a magician who manages to open a portal that makes them enter gradually. If no one stops it, the realm of humans, dwarves and orcs is lost, more so when these last two races are not involved in defense.
In the tape we will see two key characters, one by the humans and another by the orcs, two heroes in each of the sides that try to take their own to victory.

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