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Wolf Totem

Chen Zhen is a student from Beijing, who in the late seventies is sent to live with nomadic herders in Inner Mongolia. The reasons you will see them when you sit down to watch the tape.
Chen has no idea how the lives of these people, who have to face many difficulties in their day to day, such as living with the wolf. Chen will soon be fascinated by these creatures, so he even comes to adopt a wolf breeding as a pet.
He thinks he will be able to tame it, but the truth is that it is not so simple. In addition, wolf breeding will bring many problems in their daily lives and with members of the tribe of shepherds, who do not see with good eyes what does Chen.
To make matters worse, a government official wants to go to the region to exterminate the wolves, something that affects Chen, but also threatens the ecosystem and an ancestral way of life.

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