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Youth- La Giovinezza

In Youth – La giovinezza, Fred Ballinger is an orchestra conductor, one of the best, who has long since retired from the profession and lives a peaceful life as a retiree, resting and forgetting the work once for all. all.
He is now with his daughter and a friend of her in a hotel in the Alps. Fred is delighted with the situation, and more so when he sees his daughter’s friend suffer, a film director who does not seem to be too good, since he is not able to finish his last film.
As we have said, Fred is retired, but the hotel where he is staying receives a strange request, which will be very difficult to refuse.
He is looking for an emissary from the Queen of England. She wants to give a concert at Buckingham Palace on the occasion of Prince Philip and as the Queen knows that Fred is one of the best conductors in the world, she wants him to direct the concert despite having retired.

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