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Zoolander No. 2

In Zoolander 2, ten years have passed since Derek and Hansel met on the runways, between spotlights and photos. Ten years in fashion is a barbarity of time, so that in fashion the two are now two perfect strangers.
They have both been stars of the catwalk, so do not settle for anyone to know them. That’s why they plan to join to regain lost fame, because the truth is that they miss it.
For this they decide that the best place is Europe, so that both travel to the old continent in the hope of being reborn from its ashes Phoenix bird, facing face to face with the new celebrities of the catwalks, which they will have to defeat to return To have fame.
This is how the two realize that the world of fashion they knew no longer exists, and that regaining their fame will not be easy.

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